New Farm River Walk


The Riverwalk is a great way to get from New Farm to the city and is perfect for both cyclists and pedestrians. The Riverwalk has segregated pedestrian and cycle sections so you’re free to ride or walk at whichever pace you choose.

Entry is available at Riverview Court and the Riverwalk ends at the historic Howard Smith Wharves. The Riverwalk then connects with the riverside boardwalk which which leads to the Brisbane CBD.  


I went from Eagle Pier along the riverwalk, under Storey Bridge, then along the walk as far as New Farm. I went past the Gardens, Power House, and then on to The Refinery Apartments, once the Sugar Refinery.

New Farm Gardens were beautiful with many different roses of all colors.

Power House was on the edge, with a wonderful restaurant with an outdoor area all set up for a great breakfast. The bike path wound on here as well as the pedestrian, and there were many people walking their dogs to the Dog Park to play..

I walked as far as the Refinery Apartments, created in the Old Sugar Refinary Building with boards detailing the History next to the small wharf.

I walked back to New Farm Wharf, and then onto Sydney Street Wharf where  waited for the City Hopper to take me back to Eagle Pier. The heat and walk  had beaten me…The ferry ride bac was most enjoyable and free too…Back for breakfast at Jude’s..Bacon and eggs with chipolatasausages and thick buttery toast and an orange juice for $10. Great value..


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